About the Author
Troy Hall

Dr. Troy Hall is a global speaker, radio host, talent retention strategist and bestselling author of Cohesion Culture: Prove Principles to Retain Top Talent and FANNY RULES: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons That Never Grow Old. Dr. Troy as he is affectionately known by his colleagues was featured on the Today Show, ABC, Beyond the Business Radio Show, and CEO World, Dr. Troy is an award-winning culture strategist, speaker, bestselling author, and talent retention expert.

His doctorate in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship has sent him across the globe to help leaders create cultures of cohesion and retain top talent in their organizations.

With more than 40 years of practical leadership experience, Dr. Troy's passion is helping others succeed. From the U.S. to Canada and the United Kingdom, from Europe to the Middle East to Africa, Asia, and Australia, Dr. Troy has spoken at global conferences as a subject matter expert on the topics of culture & leadership, strategy, and change. His consulting and executive coaching sessions have positively impacted organizational leaders around the globe on how to create cultures of cohesion to retain their top talent.