About the Author
Peggy Parskey

Peggy Parskey has more than 25 years of experience driving strategic change to improve organizational and individual performance. She focuses on team and organizational performance improvement leveraging performance measurement methods, management of change, and organizational design to ensure sustainable capability. Her firm, Parskey Consulting, focuses on culture, strategy, and change enablement. Parskey has melded her expertise in change with her deep experience in measurement to enable senior leaders to manage their change initiatives through data-informed decision making.

In addition to her own clients, Parskey serves as a principal consultant at Explorance, where she provides business development support and delivers strategic consulting services to talent and learning organizations. In that role, she develops talent measurement strategies; integrates measurement into talent processes; develops action-oriented reports, scorecards, and dashboard for clients; and conducts impact studies to demonstrate the linkage between talent programs and business outcomes. For more than 10 years, Parskey was the assistant director at the Center for Talent Reporting, where she was responsible for credentialing talent practitioners in the execution of Talent Development Reporting Principles. She co-delivers the Measurement Demystified Workshop with David Vance that is now being delivered under the auspices of ROI Institute.

Parskey has co-authored three books, Learning Analytics, Using Talent Data to Improve Business Outcomes (2nd Edition with John Mattox and Cristina Hall, Kogan-Page, 2020), Measurement Demystified (with David Vance, ATD Press, 2020), and Measurement Demystified Field Guide (with David Vance, ATD Press, 2021). She has authored several whitepapers and book chapters and delivers webinars to help upskill talent practitioners on measurement best practices. Parskey holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Simmons College and two master’s degrees from the University of Chicago, in statistics and business administration. She is a past president of the Los Angeles Chapter of ATD, having also served as program director and chief financial officer.